• vb1-VirtualBoxapp

    step 1

    Go to your VirtualBox.app  and Right Click and choose:

     Show Package Contents 
    ​and the package should display
  • vb2a-DragVBoxManage

    Step 2

    Navigate to the MacOS folder & ​Drag the VBoxManage command to your Terminal.app window 

  • vb3-convertdd​

    Step 3

    next ​type


  • vb4-drag image

    step 4

    drag  ​the dmg file we created with super duper ​

    to the Terminal.app window

    then type in the name of the VDI image you wish to create: 


    (add the .vdi)

  • vb5-terminal-view

    Step 5


    The VDI image will be created in your HOME folder, move it to where you feel would be good...

    HOME/Library/VirtualBox/VDI might be a good place