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Every activity involving art and skill, there is a great difference between the best trainers/coaches and mediocre ones.  Japanese business people and HR managers should seek out the best trainers/coaches wherever they are!


Acquisition of KNOWLEDGE of a foreign language is very different from the acquisition of ACTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS

Our Way - Kokusaika

Interworld’s Optimum Way to Internationalize (Kokusaika) for Business People in Japan


Rapid development of key communication skills in just a few hours very possible for most Japanese people with basic knowledge of English. We can have significant impact on your active international business skills in a single day.

Actual Communication

The only way to improve communication skills

  1. Aural comprehension - perhaps most difficult problem: techniques for understanding/mastering rhythm from both listening and speaking point of view are covered in seminar but email-based mp3 file transcription assignments are the optimum way to overcom this problem.
  1. Lack of confidence: one objective of seminar is to turn hesitant speakers into confident speakers.
  1. Embarrassing mistakes in speaking and writing: seminars will focus on identifying and helping you to avoid repeating as many as possible.
  1. Presentation skills: Japanese style presentation and international style ones are very different and key issues are addressed in our seminars regarding this critical skill.
  1. Social skiils: we address this common problem for Japanese in international business.

About Mike Galbraith

Mike Galbraith graduated from Durham University in UK and worked as a teacher in the Royal Saudi Air Force teaching Saudi cadets who had no previous knowledge of English before first arriving in Japan in 1973; traveled extensively and studied Arabic, Farsi, Swahili and Hindi which led him to decide to try to develop the optimum fast way to learn and teach foreign languages to learn and teach foreign languages. He wrote his first customized textbook in the 1970s.

Mike has published numerous articles including over 1 million words on ICT/telecoms in Japan and Korea during last 25 years.

When not writing about technology trends, management consulting & data manipulation projects, Mike writes articles on the sports history of YC&AC (former captain of rugby), Yokohama and Japan.

Experience as trainer/coach in Japan:

Honda Motor (trained and arranged 13 years), Sumitomo Heavy Industries (trained and arranged 15 years), NTT (4 years focused on training for International Standardization Meetings), ITUAJ, Mitsui Bussan, Hitachi, Aioi Sonpo, Fujitsu (leadership training), Sanwa Shutter, Nippon Sanso (20 years), Itochu, Banyu Seiyaku,Upjohn, govt. agencies and related bodies like METI, MPT, etc.

Experience as trainer/coach in Korea:

Samsung Electronics (how to write patents & technical writing), SK Group, KEPCO (business skills for local Helsinki Uni MBA training), govt. - former Ministry of Information & Communications (Twice a year for four years - presentation, negotiation, email, business writing skills), TTA (int. standardization), etc.


Mike Galbraith

Founder of InterWorld Ltd.

I can help almost all Japanese business people to significantly improve their internation- al business communication skills with at least 20-25 “key points” per hour that they were unaware of before.

Tap into Interworld’s Vast Experience & Skills to Make International Communication & Business Succeed


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Why spend months learning from textbooks when I can identify and help solve key issues using your own active English in a few hours?